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Dental Services Costa Rica – Great Coffee, and Dentists too!

Unless you have been in a coma for the past 20 years, you have probably heard about the dental services Costa Rica is offering to dental tourists from America, Canada and other developed countries. And if you haven’t heard about these dental services, it’s time to wake up!   And the best news is when you wake up, you really can smell the coffee.

That’s because dental services are not the only thing they are good at in Costa Rica…they are amongst some of the best coffee producers in the world too!!!  It’s starting to sound good, huh?  And smell good too!!!  Whelp, I’m just getting started!!!

I can paint a pretty bright picture for you since I have lived in Costa Rica for years.  Yes, I was one of THEM.  I was a dental tourist who benefitted from the dental services in Costa Rica.  And I still do!!!  You couldn’t get me back into an American dental chair if you paid me. 

Okay.  Maybe if you paid me.  But it wouldn’t be any easy decision because the dental services Costa Rica offers are complete and pretty darn cheap!  Everything from dentures to dental implants, veneers to bridges, crowns to fillings, they cover all the bases.  And they cover them well.  $350 for a veneer.  Am I kidding?  No.  $500 for a denture.  $550 for an implant.  The menu goes on and on, and doesn’t disappoint!!!

Dental services in Costa Rica have become legendary, and the only surprise is they beat the coffee exporters to the punch!!!  The geography and topography sets the stage for both industries to succeed, and I am confident over time both will not only succeed, but thrive. 

Most would agree it’s great to start the day with a good smelling fresh cup of coffee, and it stinks to go the dentist at any time!!!  Or does it?  Either my taste buds are changing, I have matured and endure pain better, or the dental care in Costa Rica is that good. 

My dentists in the United States seemed to excel at maximizing the pain from everything from the Novocain shot to jamming a 20 year old piece of crappy x-ray equipment upside the side of me head to provide maximum exposure to gamma rays, or whatever those things shoot.

This has not been the case in Costa Rica.  My Endodontist in Costa Rica has given me all sorts of shots (I have had lots of root canals!!!) and I haven’t felt the needle once.  It’s incredible.  I’m sure he has a bad day once in a while, but my dentists back in the U.S.A. seemed to have bad days every day!!!  And it always seems like in the United States dental offices they serve yesterdays coffee, if they serve it at all.  If you find coffee in a dentist’s office in Costa Rica I would bet my life you are going to love it!  Sure, the drilling still stinks, regardless of the quality café, but it’s hard to promise a day in the park if you are headed to the torture chambers!!!

Actually, I am embellishing just a bit.  During all me trips to the dentist is Costa Rica, I have spent more than 100 hours in the dental chair.  And in all that time, I probably only had one truly bad experience.  It was the day I learned that my fantastic dentist was more concerned with money than my dental care. 

It was hard to wake up and smell the roses, especially since my mind was clouded with the beautiful aroma of coffee.  What can I say? Even the best dentist can be taken in by success and forget that they are a health care provider not a toll booth!  And after people telling a dentist that they are the best thing since sliced bread for twenty years, it should be no surprise she began to believe it. 

On the world turns, and on and on it shall continue.  I found a new dentist, even better than my last one.  This one is a man.  There is no coffee in his office, but that is not important to me.  I am there for the dental care, not the coffee.  Dental services Costa Rica offers are excellent. 

They are not perfect, but what or who is?  I grew up with Folgers instant crystals in the cupboard.  My Mom thought it was great.  She didn’t live to enjoy the rise of Starbucks (even though I think it’s nothing special) or the rise of dental tourism.  She would likely have enjoyed both, especially the coffee.  I wonder what life would be like in Costa Rica if one had to drink Folgers instant crystals.  Yuck, perish the thought.

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