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If you are thinking about seeing a cosmetic dentist, don’t!  Unless you are thinking about seeing a cosmetic dentist in Costa Rica!  Why?  Because cosmetic dentists in Costa Rica are excellent and they charge about half of what cosmetic dentists charge here in the United States.  That’s right, about half!  And the work is top class.  It is rare to hear of disappointed dental tourists, especially when they had their work done in Costa Rica.  If you need a cosmetic dentist, Costa Rica is definitely for you.

There are also specialists for root canals and gum surgery, so relax.  You are in good hands.  The standards are as good as those in the U.S. and the bedside manner in many cases is much better.  Costa Rican dentists are a bit less rushed, and know that each success means more referrals.  In the U.S., dentists know there is an endless stream of patients due to the demographics.  If someone walks out and never returns, no big problem.  And the dental specialists such as endodontists and implantologists are second to none in Costa Rica.

Many people think that cosmetic dentistry is all about vanity, but this is not the case.  Sometimes accidents happen, like car accidents or sports accidents and the result is missing teeth.  Cosmetic dentistry pays particular attention to the aesthetic portion of the dental work, not just the function.  Anyone can live a normal life, as far as eating as concerned, as long as they have a good biting surface.  But to enjoy a good quality life, one needs to feel comfortable enough to smile.  Cosmetic dentists are worth their weight in gold when it comes to restoring a happy, healthy smile.

So when it’s time to get some dental work, just know that these specialists exist.  Just about any dentist in any country can drill and fill a cavity.  But only a select few have the artistic skills and medical precision to make sure teeth fit together perfectly not just for function, but for form too.  And a good cosmetic dentist can also give helpful hints on how to protect the dental work once it is done.  Some recommend mouth guards, others recommend avoiding particular foods.  But cosmetic dentistry doesn’t end there.  It requires a good eye and a scientific mind.  Cosmetic dentists need to be able to size up quickly the entirety of the dental work needed, and to come up with a treatment plan that will fit the patient’s budget.

This is an area where Costa Rican cosmetic dentists excel.  Just as in any other profession, volume of work helps a professional develop his skills.  There are dentists here cement dozens of crowns , bridges and veneers daily!  A typical dentist serving the dental tourism market in Costa Rica work on more patients in a day than many dentists in the U.S. work on in a week!  And the average dentist in Costa Rica seems to be more well- rounded than their counterparts in the U.S.. Why?  It is in part because they work with dental professionals who have been catering to dental tourists for years.  And it seems some of the cosmetic dentistry skills are passed on thru osmosis, or at least close proximity to the dental master specialists!

So don’t worry if you have reservations about traveling abroad for dental care, most do at first.  But fears are quickly put to rest once you see the state of the art facilities and speak to the very well educated dentists and dental specialists.  I always recommend that a dental tourist seek out a good patient advocate like the ones who work at the Costa Rica Dental Implants Group.  It is good to have a professional who looks out for your interest, can translate and clarify your diagnosis, and can make sure you understand clearly and thoroughly the treatment plan your dentist would like to pursue.  If you want to read more about the subject you can always go to

If you are looking for affordable, quality dental care, these specialists can help you find the clinic and practitioners that will best suit your needs and preferences. If you are looking for other contacts you may want to try or ; both seem to be moving up quickly in the search ranking which means they are heading in the right direction – likely a result of good business practices.


At Meza Dental Care, we are proud to provide advanced Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry services for patients from mainly USA and Canada. Our Cosmetic Dentists have extensive experience in creating beautiful smiles at our state-of-the-art facility. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.
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